Diving in the medes islands – l’Estartit

The waters of the marine reserve of the Medes Islands situated one mile off the coast of L’Estartit, where you will find our apartments for rent, is one of the places in the Mediterranean that attracts more divers throughout the year.


Mainly due to the large number and variety of fish. Groupers, bream, salps and eels,….all form part of the usual seabed of the Medes Islands. Besides being a protected area, alot of the fish can be seen close up by divers as there is no threat to them by fishermen.

The observation of marine life, the visit of tunnels and caves, underwater landscapes with a variety of algae and invertebrates ( gorgonians, sponges, corals, …) are part of the extraordinary attractions that offer the Medes Islands in Estartit for diving.