Rent apartments in l’Estartit: kitesurfing

If you stay in one of our rental Apartaments in Estartit and you like strong emotions, we recommend you to try Kitesurf.


What is Kytesurf?


As its name mentions, has something to do with surfing, slipping over the water with a table and secured by a harness to a traction kite gliding through the air.

There are several types of Kytesuf: “freestyle” which consists of doing your own jumps and movements, “race” which is a competition, and the “surfkite” which is to surf on the waves.


Which equipment do I need?


The basic equipment for kitesurfing is:

• A Kyte, there are of several types

• A surf board

• Harness

• 4 or 5 drawstrings for kite

• The safety rope or leash that holds the harness with the address bar.

Optionally you can wear a helmet, life jacket or wetsuit.


Where can I practice?


There is a kitesurfing school in Estartit where they offer courses taught by qualified personnel that guarantee learning the basics of the sport. You can rent from them the equipment for kitesurfing and have a specially designated area on the beach of Estartit for it.

Take advantage of your stay in one of our apartments in Estartit to learn and practice kiteboarding. It will be an unforgettable experience!