Verbena of San Juan in Estartit

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, we prepare for the celebration of the traditional Verbena of San Juan on June 23 at night. All guests staying in the Sa Gavina rental apartments in Estartit can enjoy a full activity poster for two days.

A weekend of tradition and celebration that will start on Friday 23 at 22 hours with the arrival of the famous flame of Canigó, in charge of lighting the traditional fire at 23 hours on the beach of Estartit and which will be complemented by a castle Of fireworks. Then, and within the framework of the Ithaca 2017 Festival, the free performances of the musical groups Lágrimas de Sangre, Itaca Band, Hora de Joglar, and Costa Brava DJ’s will take place.

On Saturday 24, and also inside the Ithaca 2017 EMD Festival of the Estartit with a price of 15 € the entrance, the concerts of Def with Dos, Zoo, Roba Estesa, Sara Hebe, and DJ Pollo will be celebrated.

For more information about the performances of the Ithaca Festival, you can consult the following link: