17th edition of the Beatles Weekend festival in Estartit

If you are a Beatles lover and want to immerse yourself in their discography and greatest hits along with your family, you can’t miss the Beatles Weekend in L’Estartit. Between July 4th and July 9th, you will experience days filled with music, activities, and fun. During your stay at Sa Gavina Apartments, you will be able to experience the magic and spirit of the Fab Four from Liverpool.

The Beatles Weekend is an event designed especially for Beatles fans who want to share their love for the band and their music with their children. During the festival, L’Estartit transforms into Liverpool with the music, rhythm, and spirit of the Beatles’ 60s era.

Beatles Weekend Activities in Estartit

Workshops and children’s concerts have been scheduled where they can become pop-rock stars by imitating their idols like Paul McCartney or John Lennon. These interactive activities will allow children to immerse themselves in the music of the Beatles while having fun and learning.

For adults, the festival offers screenings of the latest films related to Beatlemania, exhibitions, and lectures about the musicians from Liverpool. Renowned tribute bands will also perform, providing an opportunity to relive the magic of the Beatles live.

Special Guest

The 17th edition of the L’Estartit Beatles Weekend festival will feature the participation of Pete Best, the original drummer of the Beatles. Pete Best, known as the man who set the beat for the band, was part of the group from 1960 to 1962. Born in India and raised in Liverpool, his mother owned the Casbah Club, where the Quarrymen, John Lennon’s first group before forming the Beatles, used to perform. Best joined Lennon’s original trio, along with George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe, and together they shaped the beginning of the legend.

Although Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962, his legacy in the history of the Beatles is undeniable. During the Beatles Weekend, the Pete Best Band will perform on the stage of Plaza del Molinet on Saturday, July 8th, offering attendees the opportunity to enjoy their musical talent and relive unforgettable moments from the Beatles era.

Beatles Weekend Program in Estartit

The program of the Beatles Weekend includes a wide variety of activities ranging from exhibitions to book presentations, commented auditions, and documentary screenings. Classical music lovers can also explore the Beatles’ relationship with this genre in an exhibition specially dedicated to this theme.

The festival offers unique opportunities to delve into Beatles literature and enjoy discussions and talks with experts on the subject. You can also participate in the traditional boat trip to the Medes Islands Nature Reserve, where you will enjoy live music while marveling at the beauty of the surroundings.

If you are a Beatles lover and want to share your passion with your family, the L’Estartit Beatles Weekend is the perfect place to enjoy a magical weekend. Experience the best music during your stay at Sa Gavina Gaudí Apartments.

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