Apartments in estartit and savour the best anchovies in the country

Do not miss the chance to taste the anchovies of l’Escala during your stay in the Sa Gavina Apartments in Estartit. According to a ranking made by the Repsol Guide and the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain, they are among the top positions classified as “Selection of the best Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil.”

Experts who are part of both entities have made the ranking after tasting more than 300 anchovies. The three varieties manufactured and distributed by Anxoves de l’Escala SA found which are in the ranking are: Premium anchovies “Magdalena Sureda”anchovy fillet in olive oil, and salted anchovy.

It may seem curious that under the heading of “Cantabrian Anchovies” three products that are not found within this area are located, have surprisingly passed the entire selection process to be placed in the top positions, a fact that brings prestige to this delicacy so appreciated in the area of Estartit and Costa Brava, and highly valued by chefs as Ferran Adrià and the Roca brothers.

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