Exhibition: “Montgrí. Una història de gegants”– September 2019

The “Museu de la Mediterrània i l’Associació d’Amics dels Gegants i Capgrossos de Torrroella de Montgrí” produce the exhibition “Montgrí. Una història de gegants”. The exhibition, the result of intense and exhaustive research work in different archives in the country, is curated by Xavier Cordomí, an expert in the world of festive imagery in Catalonia.  The exhibition was inaugurated on 24 August, coinciding with the “Sant Genís” town festival, and can be visited until 13 April 2020 at the “Museu de la Mediterrània”.

The exhibition was born out of the need to make an exhaustive review of the history of the giants of Torroella de Montgrí from the first date documented to the present day. The exhibition is a look at the most important facts and events in which the giants have been protagonists, at the same time, it wants to recognize the valuable work of the people who elaborate them.

Apart from the sample, you will find parallel activities for all the ages and of this form to influence in the diffusion and visualization of the giants like an important element in the culture of the town.

If you come to spend a few days in one of our apartments and you like the world of the giants, you can not miss this fantastic exhibition of the history of the giants of Torroella de Montgrí. Clicking on the following link you will be able to make the reservation of your apartment:

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