Rent apartments in Estartit and sustainable tourism

All those visitors staying in our apartments in Estartit can enjoy, from now on,  a more satisfying experience during your visit to our municipality, as we have been awarded by the European Union with a certification in sustainability and responsible management in the tourist destination.

The indicators in sustainability and responsible management in the tourist destination are based on a list of 27 mandatory points and 40 which are optional. They are especially designed to carefully observe environmental tourism taking into account aspects such as: management of the destination, possible economic impact, influence on the social and cultural level, and also environmental. For all of them, Estartit has obtained 94.64% of all indicators.

In order to achieve these percentages it is essential the involvement of all parties: companies, organizations responsible for public administration, etc.

With this award the deputy mayor of Torroella-Estartit, believes that tourism management model will improve visibly as it will generate more quality of life and welfare to local population and tourists, and promote the heritage resources are preserved.